Best Price Guarantee

You always book with us at the best price. We guarantee.

If you received an offer with a lower price from another rental company, you need to contact with our managers. In any case, we will provide the lower price than of competitors in case of fulfillment the following conditions:

  • You have contacted us immediately after receiving the offer and provided all the information about the other proposed offer with the exact price (cost calculation) and a link to the site with offer (or provided a copy of the e-mail letter with the data of the proposed booking and contacts of the rental company).
  • The option offered to you is still available for booking at the time when we check this information.
  • The lower price applies to the option with booking data similar to booking on our website. It means:
    • A car of the same category (group) or similar in technical specifications
    • The same booking dates
    • Same or better booking conditions.

If the lower price option does not satisfy these 3 conditions, then we can not guarantee a better price.

The Guarantee of the Best Price does not apply if:

  • You received the offer using:
    • Special tariffs for members of the membership program
    • Offers for regular customers
    • Loyalty program
    • Any other incentive programs, as well as special offers.